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Continental Changes.


Hello, friends.

This month marks one year since our dear Continental Breakfasts blog was taken to the walls, in a 6-week long exhibit at the Yards Collaborative Art Space.  Its stunning to me that it has already been a whole year. The whole process of putting that exhibit together was honestly one of the most memorable, difficult, and amazing experiences of my life.

I’ve put off writing this post for some time now because I sometimes have a hard time with changes and goodbyes. But after talking and thinking a lot about it, Anna and I agree that for now, the time has come to move on. Continental Breakfasts has been a completely incredible experience- the journal of a lifetime, a cross-country connection that I never could have imagined would bring so much joy to not only the two of us, but to so many friends, family members, even strangers. We definitely didn’t imagine when we started this project that it would span nearly 4 years, a 2,000+ image exhibit, and so many life milestones, both intimate and major.  This project has been there for and with us through so much over these last 48 months, and for that I think we will both always be grateful.

Don’t despair! We do plan to keep on collaborating, and are both thinking about what that might look like- and are gladly taking suggestions! The two women who inspired this project by doing this themselves for a year have gone on to collaborate in literally endless ways- from a different daily photo blog, to a shared instagram account, to even a series of magazines,- and moreover,  in maintaining a genuine friendship. And that is what I take away from this more than anything- this has been the most uniquely special friendship experience that I’ve had thus far, and I will continue to treasure it greatly. (Oh boy….I had a feeling I would cry writing this, and sure enough….yup, here they come).

Again, neither of us sees this as an end to our work together, and we will keep you posted here as to what might come next.  Collaboration can take so many different forms, and it hasn’t stopped being amazing to me that we have sustained such a great connection, across so many miles, for such a long time already.  I am excited to think about what could be next in store for us.

I am so, so glad that we were able to bring this project to life last year and I will forever be grateful for that entire experience. In honor of that, below is a retrospective of just a few of my favorite moments from the Continental Breakfasts exhibit at the Yards last year.

Thank you all for sharing in this journey with us.

    –lisa, December 16, 2013












cb_retro-12 cb_retro-13






















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  1. 2013 10:15 pm

    What a wonderful photo-memory goodbye to a memorable project! I, too, have a difficult time with change and goodbyes, Lisa, but there is so much out there to be moved on to when you do get the chance, and I can’t wait to see what you and Anna do in the future! I know it will be WONDERFUL. Love and hugs to you both, and thanks for all the beauty and inspiration over the past 4 years. ❤

  2. Carol Leigh permalink
    2013 10:37 pm

    well, i was hoping to say something original about all this, but truly, Em speaks my mind quite completely. i have so enjoyed the blog, the exhibit in *real*, and the friendship you two have developed. i can scarcely wait to see what you will do next – your creative collaborative energy will no doubt provide your fans with something special and worthy indeed!
    thanks, hugs, congratulations, and encouragement for the next… whatever…

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