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thursday september 22


bread oven light is so magical.

I am sorry for having been such a delinquint poster the last few weeks, i dont  really know what happened. I’m going to be better about it! its all caught up now(my pics, anyways!). this is also the 601st post. wow.

almost marshy bit

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  1. emerge permalink
    2011 9:59 pm

    Who wrote the bit about being delinquent? I know this is partly for y’all to share with each other, but the rest of us don’t have access to the same process of elimination for these things… Anyway, *I* am getting caught up on my end of things (the looking and admiring part), and enjoying everything! Lisa, your display looks so awesome and professional and admirable! And Anna – are you the one with the new job making coffee, and pressing Mullet buttons?

    We hear about how grey and rainy it is on the West Coast but you guys capture so much sun, it’s really really beautiful and makes me want to be there. Wow.

    There was sun here today too. We were at the ranch, had lunch on the deck and walked in the woods.

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